Monday, April 23, 2018

My Spring Flowers

Yes, the only flowers we have are the ones indoors.  We had a blizzard last week and now all that snow is gone. Tulips are coming up, but just the leaves so far.
This first picture is of a geranium that my Hubby got from one of the teachers he worked for last year. (He's a substitute teacher since we moved here and the taxes are so high we need help paying our bills.)

 The above and one below are my Crown of Thorns blooming. The flowers are an intense red orange, but the sunshine bleached the color out on the pictures.

And you know this one... it blooms almost all the time.  So I do have some cheery flowers - but not the spring flowers you all are showing. Heck, we still have snow in the forecast .. (You know weathermen like to be wrong.)

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh what a lovely geranium--I only have one small sunny window so-- right now, my Christmas Cacti are there...every year I buy myself scented geraniums (lemon, chocolate, mint) for our back deck--but the cold winds haven't as yet subsided here, so no new plants for outdoors as yet. I find that May 31st is a pretty safe date around here at the shoreline...after the water warms up a bit...And, strangely enough, all my African violets died on me...I don't know what happened to them...?You have a really pretty one there...I am on the prowl to begin collecting them once again...hugs hoping for warmer weather...Julierose

  2. Your violet is lovely, mine doesn't bloom that much until summer.

  3. My mother in laws favorite flower. I'd love to substitute in Illinois, like I did in Texas and Oklahoma, but, you have to have a degree, not just 3 years of college, to sub here. Silly, really. Glad your hubby can sub. Teachers love a good sub, and request them, when they can (our mothers were both teachers). We finally have sunshine, and I'm wearing sandals today. Yipee!

  4. this has been the longest winter! Be so glad for some warm, maybe i want complain to much about that.

  5. We have some snowdrops and tiny crocuses so far. Tulip leaves are barely 2" tall. We have to wait for flowers so long, but I think the bloom is very intensive once it gets warmer. All flowers are in a hurry to open and bloom and live their life before it gets cold again and the light vanishes.

  6. ahhh beautiful! I love spring flowers - even if they are inside ;-)

  7. Your indoor flowers are beautiful. We had winter and then all at once, SUMMER last week!


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