Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hurray!!! I got the pictures to load!

So today you get two - count em - two posts!  What can I say....

Here's the promised sunshine.
 Some little plants hanging out in the computer room, a sunny window. They are seeds taking root - like the avocado pit at the right... see the really nice root coming along. There are some cuttings in a cup... jade and Christmas cactus, and assorted starts for Halloween giving.

Here's the Quirrel's turban

and the quill that I made a while ago, but didn't post... (You may have seen it on other pictures, but I don't think it's ever had it's own picture on the blog.)

If you don't know what this is, don't feel badly. It is one of the tiny pieces I'm paper piecing now, on the Moleskin Pouch pattern.  I put the pin next to it so you can see how itty bitty it is.  I don't know if these big clod hopper hands of mine can accommodate these pieces.  There are 4 or 5 of them to do, too.  If you will notice there are 4 different pieces on this main piece to sew onto it!!!!!!!!!! There was one I did last night ... well you'll see it when I finish.  Maybe tomorrow.

I had to hunt up a box to keep the pieces in, or keep picking them up off the floor. Such tiny pieces you'd never find if they fell on my sewing room floor.

So if you want a better explanation of all this... see the previous post from today...


  1. Hurrah! I blamed the recent internet problems on the sun's recent solar flares. lol
    Nice blocks oh talented one :D

  2. I just showed my youngest son (18) the HP patterns. He loved them (as did I). I really need to learn how to paper piece.


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