Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nuther Sunny Winter Day

Hello and Welcome to another Sunny (Summery) Day in the Winter in CA,

I had to share the sunshine with those of you who are Sunshine Challenged...

OKAAAAY... I've got the pictures in the computer, but the uploader won't show me the "browse" button.... I just hate computers.  Wouldn't you think they would work the same every time?  I must have some SPOTS on that afore mentioned sunshine. (!@#$%)

I had a whole story planned with pictures.  I made Quirrel's Turban earlier this week, and I had a Quill from a while back to show you.  Then I took pictures of the small pieces I'm working on the Moleskin Pouch... no go. I guess I'll try again.  Anybody got advice, or are you having the same troubles?

Another thing.... Last post showed a giraffe, and I said it wasn't available anymore... Wrong!!!!
You can find it at Sewhooked .  (This link is the assorted free patterns that don't fit into fandom categories.) There are patterns for chicks and chickens and eggs... not necessarily in that order. There is a variety of animals and hearts... etc. I really love the giraffe, but it is a harder pattern - just be aware.
I also wanted to announce that Fandom in Stitches has Elmo! Elmo is one of my very best favorites.  I love his voice, and his simple wisdom... anyway there is a paper piecing pattern there at FiS, and you can have it for free! 

So no pictures today... Guess it's a sign from the heavens that I should go sew.


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  1. Technology is wonderful when it works and kind of sucky when it doesn't (but how reliant have we all become on it regardless !)

    I just popped over for a look at Elmo because I am a real fan and so is Little P - and I don't think my PP skills are quite up to that yet . Thanks for the share though ...maybe one of these days !


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