Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tetris block #2, blue rainbow block and bird blocks

The top block is my next Tetris block. Another whole row is being saved for the next block. I like it... It looks like Tetris.

This is my blue block for the Rainbow Challenge.

These are birds made from my McCall's Quilting. You may have seen some very like them on the blogs... I have, and while I'm not casting aspersions on the blogger... after all, hers were on her blog way before she could have seen them in the magazine.  It's the magazine that may have stolen the design from our blogger.  You probably know who I'm talking about. Should I tell her that I think a major quilting magazine stole her design, or not?  They are fun to make... (paper pieced - so they are easy). I haven't any plans to make more... who knows.  I'm still working on new grandson 2 B"s quilt.

Thanks for stopping by. I love your comments, but I'm just too lazy to answer them all. Sorry.
Hugs to you all,


  1. Your tetris blocks looks awesome!! love it :)

  2. Lovely tetris playing Terri.

    Sorry to hear about the bird blocks. It is possible for people to come up with the same idea. I have seen it happen, irrefutably.

    Your rainbow challenge is shaping up well.

  3. I really love the tetris quilt! I am definitely a fan! How bright, fun and exciting!! Might be one of my favorites!!

  4. The rainbow challenge is turning out to be very interesting. Tetris looks fun!

  5. Love those tetris blocks. So pretty and colourful!


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