Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dumpster Diving or Cleaning the Sewing Room

I'm sorting through my fabric bins - one each day...
Can you tell it's Orange and Yellow day?  I'm finding lots of snippets and small pieces - if you can't cut a 5" square out of it it goes in the paper bag - for my Dump Quilt. See Love Laugh Quilt for directions. Dump Quilt ingredients are in the paper bag... only the yellow and oranges. I have another paper bag full of red and blue bits.  Doing Green tomorrow.

Almost to the bottom of the bin!  Wish me luck getting the contents back in there...
 I've already had one avalanche!


  1. The days I sort through fabric are the days I VOW to never buy fabric AGAIN! ;) Love all those oranges I see in there.

  2. Wow...bright fabrics you got there. Since you have them sorted by family, I think string quilt, but a dumpster dive one will work too.

  3. Great yellow and orange fabrics. I'm trying to go through mine, too. Lots of scrappy quilts in my future. I need to stay away from the fabric stores for a while, use up what I have :D

  4. One of our stores (Meijer) is having a sale on plastic bins. I purchased a dozen last month, and another dozen yesterday (on sale, and buy 4, get 1 free also). I'm using several of them to organize large scraps and fat quarters for the 'Doom' quilt. The others will be used to store motors & foot pedals off old machines when I convert them. Hubby thought I needed plastic bins for this (thanks hubby)! Mine are shoe box size. They also stack well. Have fun going thru your scraps.

  5. Im doing exactly the same thing this weekend...I;d much rather be playing with fabric than folding it. And yes I have a ton of the stuff...


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