Monday, April 22, 2013

H2H quilting and antisnow pictures!

Now quilting on the H2H. It's going along so nicely since I have the new walking foot! Just wavy lines down through the middle squares. I like the way it looks.

 Anti Snow pictures for all the Spring Challenged:

This is a lavender rose! (Also shown: the dripper hose = not a snake.)

Seeds on my Japanese Maple... it was only a couple of inches tall when we bought it for $1.49! - 13 years ago. (Now about 10 foot tall.)

Day Lily from a free root.

 Pink Geranium
 Vinca Minor, a ground cover... blue flower in the lover middle.
 Orange rose I started from a stem of a dozen purchased from Costco. I noticed that there was a sprout on one of the stems, so I experimented. It's been a little bush in a larger pot (that's the key, I think) for 3 or 4 years now. Blooms spring and fall.

Little pink on the side of the house.

Bush roses that came into my yard via #1 son. He took them (brown) out of a dumpster where he was working as a roofing supervisor. (He figured I could bring them back to life... You have to love it when your grown child still has some confidence in your knowledge.) He dug the holes. I applied rooting compound - the secret to my success.

Lavender - food throughout the year for my bees.

Princess Diana roses.

Don't remember the name of this beauty, but it starts out yellow and turns gradually pinker.

Yellow roses with chives blooming at its base.

and some of the reds - see the bloomin' CA type dandelions at their bases? Our d's have a much smaller leaf, stem and flower... meant to conserve water, I'd guess. I do love the extra color... been thinking about collecting the seeds and offering them as a devilish Halloween seed packet. See, I am a witch.
Hope all my peeps in the Midwest are getting Spring soon!


  1. Loved seeing peeps of Spring (which is still a long way away here for us - having just gone into very autumn like weather )

    Please take good care of the sun for us Southerners. We'd like it back in say, October please.

  2. I love flowers. Thanks for talking me on a walk through your garden! Mine's perking up: the rhodies have come and gone. My roses are starting their first bloom. You have lovely plants. It must make you so happy looking at them.

  3. You are going to love your new walking foot! I LIKE your H2H quilt : )
    Beautiful flowers.

  4. What a beautiful garden. Great H2H quilt, too.

  5. The walking foot is a real treasure! The quilt is really cheerful. Your Spring flowers all grow here too, but you only have to wait until Summer. We can plant new flowers in the garden after the first week of June.

  6. Great work Terri, your Acer Palmatum looks beautiful. Roses are just beginning to grow new leaves here. Good to see that somewhere in the world has shaken off Winter. It's been a long one this year.


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