Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Folsom Quilt Show, Puddles and Found Rainbow Blocks

I went Saturday last to see the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild Show... took some pictures of the entries that impressed me...Like these:

I'm always impressed by the applique. Sew pretty, sew difficult.

This picture and the one below are for Melanie, and those of you who embroider on your quilts. I liked the simplicity of the whole quilt.

Imagine making all those Yoyo pieces! Colors look like the 30s. Huge "quilt".

I liked this for a QoV. Sometimes it's the idea I like.
 This one (above and below) was really different. Even looking closely, I couldn't tell if the red doodles were quilting or just "written" on there.

 These two are on my quilt bucket list.
Isn't the border treatment interesting?
And a fish. I have a book with the directions, just never tried it yet.
(Too many quilts, not enough time.)
 Here is Johnson Lake - puddles in our front yard. It didn't rain that much, but the ground was dry, and it takes a while for it to absorb. This was the first time (in 14 years that we have lived here) we had puddles this big on the lawn.


 Look what I found while digging in my fabric boxes to find the 9.5" rotary cutter ruler. (Still haven't found it.)  Blocks made several years ago during the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I've got some other blocks started, too, so I think this one might work for an H2H quilt donation...
 It's coming soon. Sarah is getting ready.
That's all for now!
See you in the funny papers.


  1. Those are beautiful quilts. I really like the one you chose to add to your bucket list.
    The local new weather person predicts we will get 10" of snow during the next tow days. We haven't had that much snow in years.
    Oh yes. I like those rainbow blocks. True. It will soon be H2H quilt donation time. I think I'll raid my basket of novelty strips for another I SPY donation quilt similar to the one I made last year. I'm waiting for Sarah to post quilt size instructions.

  2. Lovely quilts. Glad you got some rain. Hopefully more will come soon.

  3. That applique quilt is something else isnt it...and the yo yo quilt is so pretty too. Imagine putting either of those together (it would take forever !)

    Its raining here as I type...Love hearing the pitter patter of Summer rain.

  4. Thanks for sharing Terri. The colours on the 1st 3 pics are amazing. What patience! The little fish colours are pretty too. Good luck with your rainbow blocks. It's been a fun colour visit. :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing the quilt show with us...that yo yo quilt is amazingly crazy...LOL!! So glad you got some a little too much it looks likes! Hope your weekend is good. :)V

    1. Perfect post to rejuvinate...esp under our Tuesday ARchives Quilt Show theme!! Thanks!

  6. I'm glad you showed us the puddles as I got to see a bit of your neighbourhood. It looks lovely. How I wish I could send you some rain! That floral quilt is just amazing.

  7. And I didn't even know Folsom had a quilt show! I'm going to remember it for next year! I marvel at quilters who do needle-turn is way beyond my skill level. I'm very, very content with patchwork! I do like the embroidery in one of the quilts; I'd like to do a quilt with embroidery. Hope you're enjoying the holiday today!


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