Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi Day!

Hello Quilters,
It's Pi Day today, March 14th... just one of the wonderful things you can learn while reading blogs. No, I did not misspell. This is the circle circumference figuring Pi, not the yummy cherry or blueberry pie. (Hey, when is PIE day?)  It is a day we quilters should celebrate - I guess - but when did you ever use the formula C=2pi r?  I just go to the kitchen and find a cup, glass or plate that is near the size I want for my quilt. I'm not an engineer.  I don't need all that math, and now that I'm diabetic I can't eat the pie either.

So I've been changing my mind for the past few weeks - guess that proves I'm still female. (4 different quilts were on the docket.) I could have gotten a lot done on my Granddaughter's wedding quilt if I was more definitive. I guess I'm afraid to disappoint, and I want her to love it.  I decided to make a Good Night Irene quilt like some are making for one of the current quilt alongs. (Spoiler Alert! Ashleigh - if you want to be surprised, don't Click here to see the design. Mine will be a multicolored version.) I have started the cutting - OMG! what did I get myself into this time.

Really nothing new to report - no new photos. I'm cutting on GNI (see above) and sewing on an H2H. I've always got to start early, I'm such a procrastinator... I take way too long to get anything sewn. Here's a picture of the layout for the H2H quilt. (If you are a follower you seen this before.)

Since this was taken I've got the blocks all in rows, and 4 rows together... lots of corners to match, and since they are hand sewn blocks I pin the marked seam lines together and then sew by machine.  I guess that's why they were UFO blocks. Takes a lot longer. I do like to hand stitch, but NOT on a deadline.
Sew, cutting and pinning two plus quilts over the weekend, and through the months...
Hope you have a sew-filled weekend.


  1. My grandson loves "Pi" ! We got him a new tee shirt evey year to wear to school on Pi Day--loving your blueberry (yummy) pie piece. I find it infinitely fascinating....kind of like life--goes on and on....hugs, Julierose

  2. Oh! Your new project is going to be lovely Terri. And great work on the H2H project too..

    Pi is a maths thing- and maths things hurt my head ...a lot....

  3. Great post, Terri! Gave me a chuckle.
    I like this block/quilt pattern. The Goodnight Irene quilt is a good pattern, too. Difficult to believe that it's already H2H time again.

  4. How funny! My hubby gave up desserts for Lent, so we couldn't have pie for dessert today, but we did have a pizza "pie" for supper! And I love your H2H quilt - very pretty colors. You're going to love GNI - it's easy to sew, if a little repetitive - and looks so pretty when it's done!

  5. Advanced math was not my thing at school, but I have needed pi several times whenever I needed to buy bias tape for a round table cloth I made. The GNI pattern looks great; I can imagine scrappy versions as well as just a few colours.

  6. We used to go to a shop/cafe in Wilton, WI called 'Pi are Square'. They had pizza (pie) and several dessert pies, all baked in 8" square pans (pi are square, get it????). My FIL is a physicist, so we had to get him one of their caps one year. Those square pies were yummy.

  7. Horribly enough I used that equation recently. I can't say more though -secret makings. Like you I don't do maths but when you have a zip of a certain length, and you know what you want to make in your head....The GNI looks like a lot of fun. Happy sewing Terri.

  8. Hand sew! I am in awe! You have moved up to Super Quilter in my estimation! I love hand-quilting but shy away from sewing blocks. I like your QAL; what a pretty quilt. I'd love to make one sometime if I ever get through my UFOs. I think I just might make a quilt like the one you're making for H2H. And for the same cause! Us Terri's have to have some unison! Cheers!


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