Monday, March 10, 2014

Coming soon to a blog you may know

Sunday - the one coming soon - March 16 is the start to Hand to Help - see the (square) button on the side. Sarah has the "rules" written up - go here to see - It's my favorite QAL.  There are sponsors and prizes, tutorials, and Linky parties are planned. This year there are 3 different charities waiting for donations!

Last year I made these 2 quilts to go to the Happy Chemo:

Jazzy Snowballs - 2013 entry for H2H Challenge
California Earth Tones - 2013 entry for H2H Challenge
I used two of my UFOs for the H2H Challenge. I'm not a fast worker, so this works out for me. This year I have two more UFOs that I'll finish for the H2H Challenge. It might be just the thing for your collection of UFOs. 


  1. I'm joining in too...plan to create a quilt for Happy Chemo!!!

  2. I'm in, too. Plan to make a child's quilt.
    Difficult to believe that it's H2H time again. My how time flies!

  3. What a great bunch of causes. Good luck with your finishes Terri.

  4. Beautiful quilts! I have decided to support the charities closer to home, but I will work with you for company.

  5. Great idea Terri. The ones you made last year are beautiful and uplifting.

  6. You know, Terri, you're a speed demon in quilting compared to me. I always wondered how you could turn out quilts so quickly! It's all in the perspective, isn't it. Those quilts you made last year are really pretty. I've signed up with H2H this year for the first time. Cheers!


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