Friday, March 7, 2014

Only one seam all week!

Oh the horror! Last week my machine started making a grinding sound... I was confident it only needed oil and lubrication... I'd just cleaned it a day or two before, because of the noise.  Did it, and no relief!  So Monday I took it to my local fixit guys... 2 weeks before they can even get to it!!!!!!!!!!!  No loaners available either.  I started having withdrawals... So then I bought an interim at Wal-Mart. That might have been my first mistake.

It's a Singer Sew Mate. Even though I have had 2 other Singers there was quite a learning curve.  The threading, bobbin filling and installation were so different.  When I felt confident enough, I sewed the one seam. It was bunchy at the start, but we overcame that problem, and finished that seam.  Stitches looked good, so we loaded up the next seam with pins, and tried again... that was the second mistake. After that only bunchy happened. I must have the bobbin in wrong, or the threading wrong somewhere. Anyway it was time to fix supper...  I'll try again this morning.
(Notice my sewing buddy, my Hedwig? She keeps me company while I sew.   Do you have a sewing buddy to keep you sane?)
One bit of brightness through all this.... Some Swappy goodness from Val. (Check out her blog.) Thank you, Val.  Love the fab fabrics and the cute card, and the support for my swap! You're good folks.
Have a Fab(ric) Weekend!


  1. Sew sorry! The Singer you just purchased is mostly plastic, and, they don't have a good reputation for sewing well. Love what you got from Val, but, the link doesn't go to her blog. I'd noticed Hedwig before you mentioned him. He's a cutie! My sewing companion is my little dog, who has a bed under one of the sewing machine cabinets.

  2. So glad your fabric arrived...I thought some Mary E would be fun!!

  3. I have an angel who watches over me when I sew-made by one of my very talented blog friends.

    The exact same thing happened to me when I first got my new machine...bunchy , cruddy stitches. You've likely threaded the machine wrong - that was what I did ! Good luck with attempt no 2!

  4. Oh no. I'm sorry to hear your machine is sick. Cute new machine. You probably have it threaded wrong. They are all different it seems.
    Cute owl. He makes me smile. I have a plastic green blowup alien from a little shop in Roswell that keeps me company in my sewing area. He lives on the UFO table.
    Beautiful fabrics. Have a nice weekend : )

  5. What a cute parcel- love the Mary Engelbreit gorgeousness. I bought a book of her life for the coffee table now Spring is on its way. I am so sorry to hear about your machine. Bernie played me up this week. I took her apart and cleaned everything. Then luckily after a total re-thread, she came back to life. I was panic stricken! Huge hugs Terri! Good luck with the new machine. If you have the "galloping origami" on the underside of your seam, it is likely that the top thread isn't under tension properly. With some Singers you have to fiddle with the tension balance manually if you are sewing a different thickness from what they have tested with. Good luck Terri.

  6. Argghhhh! That machine is certainly unfeeling when you want to quilt so much! My sewing machine buddies are my cat, Kaiju, and dog, Miko. Kaiju is alternately a good buddy but most of the time more into stealing my sewing machine chair as soon as I get up. She also delights in knocking things over and messing with things she shouldn't! Miko just sleeps under the cutting/ironing table right next to the heater! Cheers!

  7. I have a spare machine just in case. I kept upgrading machines and keeping the old ones.


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