Friday, June 6, 2014

Bought the backing and other purchases

It's gorgeous - looks a bit like a brocade wedding dress. Notice it's Fairy Frost... a tiny bit of a shimmer.

 This is the "right" side - later in the day, so the white is taking on a bit of gold color from the lamp light.
 Then I saw this, and couldn't leave the store without some - one yard is all.

This is the pedigree on this one.

I'm going to try this. I want this quilt to be all it can be. I'll report back.

And on the way out I bought a yummy fat quarter. (Medicinal use only.)
So I had a great time at the LQS - Meisner's. They are taking in vacuum cleaners to sell... the fabric section is smaller. Bad sign.  Good thing I shopped there. We all need to keep our LQSs in business.
I've got it washed, ironed dry, sewn together and ready to sandwich and baste. Now where did the Helper Hubby go?
Have a great weekend. (I'm quilting!)


  1. Fairy Frost was a good choice. That 'medicinal only' fabric goes well with the 'bird of paradise' you purchased. Cute 'bonus' fabrics. Have fun quilting!

  2. Beautiful fabrics, Terri. A perfect backing. LOVE the medicinal only fabric and the bird of paradise. Sounds like you are getting closer to the "fun" part ... quilting.

  3. Beautiful choice. I have used the white fairy frost and like it a lot. It is softer than some of the shimmery other white fabrics I have come across. LOL Love your medicinal pink FQ. Your tropical bird yard reminded me I have an offcut from the dining room curtains to still play with. Beautiful colours.

  4. Fairy Frost is perfect for a wedding quilt, it even sounds like something used for a wedding. Your bonus fabrics are great too, and they are what the LQS are best for. Maybe they are equally good for the LQS?

  5. Lovely fabrics--I saw on MSQ site the new "Lottie Da" fabric line and got a charm pack--so much for no new fabric purchases--oh and a honeybun of pure white, too...thinking of squares outlined in white....hmmmm...hugs Julierose

  6. The fairy frost is perfect! You did good at the LQS, especially that FQ. I went to our local quilt show and only bought a small bundle of fat quarters. I was amazed at my self control! Bless you for doing your part to keep LQS's free from vacuums! Who needs that in a quilt store to remind of us vacuuming at home? The nerve!


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