Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Join the Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

I joined the Kaleidoscope of Butterflies. It's a cause I believe in.  Our world is getting ugly enough without losing one of the beautiful elements - butterflies.  (Some people are big into politics, some into human rights, some into animal rights... this is my little cause.) Use the link above and you'll learn some ways you can help the butterflies stay around.

You Followers know I've been making paper pieced butterflies for ages...

 These two are simplified from patterns in 365 Paper Pieced Patterns - my bible... a gift from my sister years ago.

 Ditto here.


 The above three are some of the patterns I bought from Claudia. They are more difficult, but well worth the work.
The above 3 pictures are some of the little butterflies I have been making for years now during the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I'm up to 61!  (If I have my way, I'll have 62 by tomorrow.) It's a pattern I bought years ago... It says 2005 MH Designs on it.
Anyway, that's the latest. Check out the link, see if you might like to encourage the little beauties to grace your life.


  1. You've done such beautiful work on your butterfly blocks! Great colors too.
    Much applause Terri.

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  3. What beautiful blocks, Terri. Let's hope we can work to keep these bits of beauty in our lives and our food chain. Thanks for linking with Kaleidoscope of Butterflies.

  4. When we lived in Tulsa, OK, Monarchs flew thru our area every year. Lovely! Hope you are up to 62 by now. What is the color for February?

  5. They are beautiful! i Love butterflies - one of the benefits of living in the country - they land on your house ;-) Beautiful blocks!!

  6. I remember these! I love them. Some look almost real.
    I believe in the cause too. Can't imagine a world without butterflies!

  7. So many wonderfully perfect butterflies. You go girl!


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