Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dreary Day...

Rainy, 52 degrees F, and overcast right up to the Pearly Gates... I am so bummed on these days, so I thought I'd share the stuff I've been working on.  (This is my 555th post!)

I felt this urge to make RSC butterflies, so I started with this month's color. I made two because I thought I'd share one... Just leave me a message if you want one. I'll draw a name on Sunday.

I'd been working on the geese strips. Worked ahead on pink after I finished the 5 yellow. I'll show them once that color is called for the RSC.  Started on orange, too.

Another downpour.  The gutters are overflowing some more. I think the angels are trying to overflow Lake Superior!
Luckily I'm dry - even in the basement!  Hope you are in a good place.



  1. Yes, gray and wet for the next few days. We are hot, instead of cold. Love the butterfly. I'm looking at my lovely Lily and my potion bottle right now. I love my blocks from you.

  2. oooh love the yellow butterfly...nice...hugs, Julierose

  3. Yes, it's been a dreary day here too. Thunder rumbling again right now and a tornado watch in effect. Yesterday was gorgeous though, and sunny skies will be back soon. Pretty butterflies!

  4. Hey, Terri, glad to find you again. I lost your blog link a month or so ago. The butterflies look great. This year's weather is such a mess. Summer heat is here for now.

  5. Nothing better than bright and shiny butterflies to cheer a dreary day.

  6. Love the butterfly! You might want to link up with the Kaleidoscope of Butterflies link up this week too. You can find the button in my sidebar. And a rainbow of butterflies is a great idea. I hope the sun comes out soon!

  7. Hot and dry here. I particularly like the way you made the body triangular and will enjoy seeing more. Thanks for linking with Kaleidsoscope of Butterflies.

  8. Just read the previous post, so grateful for rain after a drought. If only it were spread evenly. Those are the loveliest butterflies I have ever,seen. They look so real, not stiff. Keep up the good work!.

  9. Sorry you are feeling under the weather! It has fluctuated so much here.
    Love the butterflies (wish I liked paper piecing)...yellow is so cheery so maybe you need to sew with more yellow!
    Thanks for linking up to Kaleidoscope of Butterflies.

  10. Your butterfly blocks are beautiful, good work! The pink butterfly
    blocks and the pink, orange flying geese are cheerful too, I can see
    you've been making your own sunshine, brilliant.

  11. Sunny butterflies brighten the day when the weather is gloomy. We've had more than our share of rain last month too. Hard to keep up with the yard work - too wet or too hot.


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