Thursday, February 3, 2011

More (bragging) about my boobs!

First, let me welcome all my new followers!  I'm so pleased you have signed up!

Now I bet you folks thought this was a quilt blog - oh, and a card idea place.  (In all my posts so far there has been no cards featured... that's because I can't wait to send them once they are completed. I'm like a little kid that way, I guess.)  Anyway, this post is to brag on my boobs yet again.  You can see them at
Nina Lise's blog. There are others there, too.  Fancy ones, and plain ones and some that are in between.  Go have a look see.  You have to scan down a few posts to see mine.  I've donated the most and I'm putting out a challenge (sans button, cause I really don't know how to make one yet) to all you quilters and sewers -MAKE SOME BOOBS, try to beat my record. (Just so you know it's 29, but I am still making some so you'll have to do better than that! You can see how on Make a Boob (same link as above).  It's a cause for Breast Cancer!!


  1. I told someone the other day, "My mom makes nice boobs. She works really hard on them. She made some for me. They are in my office." :) You should have seen the looks I got. Didn't explain either. It was just more fun that way. :) Love you!

  2. I visited Lise's blog. You made some very pretty boobs : ) Nice job. You did good.

  3. Wow!! Just went to Nina Lise's blog! Congrats on being the number one boob maker!!


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