Friday, May 6, 2011

Hugs and Kisses

Howdy Friends,
I've got some new rose pictures and 2 new blocks.  Not much, but I've been planting little cuttings and more ginkgo pits.  Keeps me out of mischief. (While I was out back I saw a pair of doves having a tryst in the bushes!  It's that season again.)

Here are the pics.

The orange rose - so pretty, it has yellow on it, too.

Closer look at the yellow and orange rose. My fav.

This rose in the foreground has two tone petals.  White on the outside and red on the inside.  It has a tendency to have long stems. This is the row of roses that was here when we moved in, but I've added 2 yellows and that orange/yellow on the end.

These are the three bush roses that my #1 son brought home dead... so confident that his mummy could rejuvenate them! I guess his confidence in my green thumb was not unfounded.  He  brought them home and dug the holes.  We powdered the roots with growing hormone (the secret of my success) and we planted and watered.  They came back from the grave and have massive flowers all summer long.  Now they've gotten too big, and we are going to trim them back seriously next fall and he'll dig them out, and take them to his own house.  (The pecan tree (that stick there with the roses) will have to stay.  He planted that, too, but it's mine now. Bwaaahaaahaaa!  You can try, but it doesn't work to dig up a tap root tree. They die.)

These are Princess Dianna roses.  They really like this location. I started them from cuttings from the main bush out front.  I didn't take pictures of the roses out front.  I rarely go out front without my hobby being home.  Just a little uneasy out by myself.

This is a miniature pink rose - okay, I hear you wondering what is wrong with this woman... she's got roses all around the house. I like them, and when they can't figure out something else  my family gives me potted roses for gifts.  Wait til I show you the Joseph Coats and the Double Delights in the front areas.  Anyway, the bigger plant here is a pink geranium.  So easy to grow, but it has to be located under the overhang of the roof.  It will freeze! It literally turns to mush.  Makes good little plants for the Halloweeners. 

And here is the newest pair.  The first ones got made into a card for my daughter.  (I lose more quilt blocks that way.)  I'm thinking all the hugs and kisses will be different reds.  Got them all washed and ironed.  I love red, it's my favorite color.  What's yours?

So that's the news here.  What's new at your house?
Kisses and Hugs,


  1. Hia Terri I am a big rose fan. I had a collection of Victorian roses back home which have got dug up whenever we have moved. My fav 2 are La Reine Victoria, and Reine des Violettes- both French roses from the mid 1800s.

    My fav colour is purple but I love the cherry blossom pink and sky blue combination too. With fabrics I run out of brown and green the most though. How's that for strange?

  2. Gorgeous roses Terri. I cant grow them to save myself, so I have to live vicariously through other people's beautiful pictures. I certainly had my fill visiting you today!

  3. Wonderful garden, straordinary roses.


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