Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reverse Tutorial

Hello Friends,
Welcome to my first ever reverse tutorial... What is a reverse tut, you ask.  Well I'll tell you. I'm going to explain how not to do something. I've been having lots of troubles with the little triangles!  I just started making them and hanging them on the wall, and then I liked them the way they were hung.  I had this grand idea that I could lattice them together the way they were hanging with a strip of white and it would continue to look like it does on the design wall... see older posts.  I just can't figure it out.  Here's what happened when I tried (a thousand times).

 As you can see they are not aligned.
I can't figure out what to line up when I start to sew to get them to line up in a row. (That is the reverse tutorial - don't do what I did.) But I did figure out how to use them anyway!
And here's what I decided to do with them instead.  I'll put a plain white triangle in between them. It'll make the quilt twice the size, and that's okay.  I'm just a little disappointed that they wouldn't go together as I had envisioned.  Sew  I'm calling it a redesign. There will be some relief from the bombardment of color - that is supposed to be a good thing... a place for the eye to rest.
   We've got another dilemma, too.  We are going on vacation mid August, and will need someone to water the little Halloween plants. I let them go 2 days recently and several of the really hearty catalpa trees got droopy. (You know how I love my little trees! We can't have them drooping.)  Another day, and I may have lost them. We are going to have to ask one of the neighbors to come over to water. I hope I can find someone willing, and reliable.
    I just got a call from someone speaking in tongues, I think, offering me free baby clothes if I signed up for something. LOL and OMG!  Where do these people get their phone lists from?  I have no use for baby clothes... even my grandkids aren't babies any more!    Oh, it gets better... they called back!  This time the manager talked to my hubby - the baby clothes are for anticipated grandkids.  Not on your life would I buy or have them around unless someone was pregnant... even my near neighbors are not pregnant.  And you wouldn't believe... they called a third time (all within minutes of each other).  This has got to be some scam.  They said I'd signed up to win $100 at some baby clothes place. Liars!  I haven't been near baby clothes or a store dealing baby clothes in decades!  Watch yourselves!  There are loonies out there.
And on that note I will  leave you to your own troubles.  May they all be as slight as mine.


  1. Three times! Good grief! I'm surprised they called back after talking to your husband.
    Cute fabric with the little Earth :)

  2. It's so disappointing when you cant get quilt blocks to do what you want! Happens to me ALL.THE.TIME. Good on you for coming up with an alternative solution.

    Hope you can find a plant waterer!

  3. When I was messing with triangles and hexagons, the allowing for the seam allowance was my major bugbear. Hope your new solution works even better than your original idea.

    What a weird set of calls. When we have things like that I worry about them checking to see if the house is empty. Our latest is people phoning to say that we have been sold insurance wrongly, or that there has been an accident to do with a) someone living at our house or b) at our house depending on how good the English is of the caller. Pah! Total waste of time.

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