Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Triangle fever!

Hello Dear Friends,
I've been wanting to try out something I saw over at Crazy Mom Quilts (Beware! this link includes a tutorial.) It's just a little fabric play using a paper equilateral triangle.  So simple! So addictive!
Well,  here are my tries...
 And then some more tries...

I had to pry myself away from the sewing machine last night.  I'd make a few with the scraps I dug out of my shopping bag of bits and then make up a few and go again to another scrap bag for more variety, I said.  I don't know how big it will get, but I am enjoying the making yet, so I guess I will just continue on.  This is not necessarily the positioning, and that is only design wall betwixt them... we'll see what happens.
    I also want to make some letters like The Patchery Menagerie. She has been having an alphabet quilt along. I love the quilts she makes with phrases! Only thing holding me back are these triangles and I don't have a nice background color for the letters.  Gotta go shopping! (That phrase is sung - you know the tune!)
Thanks for stopping by.  Tomorrow a look at the latest in oak tree repurposing.
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  1. Sew Cute! Glad I'm saving my little scraps of fabric. They will be perfect for piecing these little triangles.

  2. LOVE those triangles. So colourful and made from pretty scraps. Your quilt is going to look amazing.

  3. very very pretty. I love the triangles.


  4. Great triangle and what a great way to use up your scraps, can't wait to see what you do with them.

  5. What a fun project! Great way to use up scraps! I made a couple of cup mats a while back in a similar way from the scraps of batik I had left.

  6. Oh Terri, it will be beautiful! I love the idea of all the triangles! I really wish I had the patience to quilt again like you do!


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