Sunday, May 6, 2012


This is the first time I'm blogging since Blogger changed... I'd have bet the input screen couldn't get any smaller than the old one... Wrong! 

Anyway, I finished my H2H and the quilt for the Project Linus Open House.  Here are the pictures...

H2H - button on the side panel - 2 charities, mine will go to the cancer one.

Project Linus donation for the Open House - make a quilt with your favorite color and any of it's tints or shades. Voila!

I really hate making things with a deadline, but I'm glad I made them, and they are gone on their way tomorrow.  And so am I. The Hobby and I are off to AK (that's Alaska) tomorrow. Our granddaughter, Alyssa, will be the first of the grands to graduate!  So we will be there with bells on! We are so proud. And we  are visiting our son and family for a week. Our first time to AK.  I can't wait.

So you are on your own for a week. (But I know you will be alright - after all, you were alright last week without me.)  I hope we will have some wonderful pictures to share with you then.



  1. Beautiful quilts....great colors. Enjoy AK....we went 3 years ago at this time of year. So want to return again. Enjoy your family time and safe travels.

  2. Congratulations to the graduating grand daughter! And enjoy your break.

  3. Another graduation! My youngest is graduating later this month. Empty nest will hit less than 2 weeks after that. Enjoy Alaska.

  4. Got your lovely quilt! Thank you so much! It is gorgeous and I know it will bring comfort to someone going through a scary hard time. Thanks for being so generous!

  5. Wonderful quilts, both for great causes. Congrats on getting them done.

  6. Beautiful quilts, Terri! Remember to link up on Sunday! Whoop whoop!!

  7. Gee, that's RED! Love it! Congrats on your graduate!

  8. Love your pinks....and especially like the pattern of your first pictured quilt. Thanks for rejuvenating this with us at Tuesday Archives this week.


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