Friday, May 25, 2012

Sheeee's Baaaaack....

I've been home for a week - oh dear, it's actually almost 2 weeks already! How time flies. I can't say I've been busy. I did finish that I Spy and donate it to Project Linus. While I was there (at the Open House) one of the ladies said how someone else liked  the quilt I made for the Open House... mind you they have been hijacking donations and selling them on Facebook. (Okay, I understand that charities need money for things, but to take the quilts we make for the little kids in crisis and sell them (for next to nuthin) I just think there must be some other way!)  I'm going to start giving my PL donations to a friend's PL group. Maybe the kids that deserve the quilts will get them. I don't trust the locals. Here's that donated quilt finished, and a couple of the blocks.

You can see my poor attempt to quilt it. The polar bear reminds me of AK and my Son who loved polar bears as a kid.
Here's a few pics from our trip to AK... we had such a good time.

Alaskan beauty - that's the back of my son's head lower left.

This is my son the "First Shirt". He's an advisor, and councilor to Air Force personnel who get into trouble. He's been in over 20 years now. We are so proud of him. And his daughter , the graduate! The first of our grands to graduate high school! We are very proud of her, too.

More Alaskan beauty! We were there May 7-14 and there were still snowbanks all over. This is in the mountains around Anchorage, way more snow than down in the city.

This is a family portrait at graduation. L to R: the graduate = Alyssa, DIL &  mom = Michelle, dad = Scot, our son, and brother of the graduate = Christopher, our grandson (who is an interesting story, too, but for another time.) Aren't they a handsome bunch... more Alaskan Beauties! (The graduate caught one of the balloons as they fell from the 2012 - it's a 2 upside down.)

And this is the graduate! Isn't she pretty?  I think so, and she has nice manners, a great bubbly personality and such a helpful girl. (She gave up parties with her friends to entertain her 2 grannies and her gramps. (So thoughtful! Brings tears to my eyes!)

Well, I know this is supposed to be a quilting blog, and I do have more pictures of Alaska, and the fabric I bought there. You won't want to miss that! But I'll have to do it next time. The Hubs is bugging me to relinquish this machine.  What is he thinking?

Until next time...



  1. Your little graduate is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations. I love your pictures of Alaska. You have a beautiful family. Looks like everyone was having fun :D
    I have never hear of donated quilts being sold like that. I have heard of quilts being raffled to raise money, or quilts being sold at a silent auction, but the person making and donating the quilt knows before hand that it is for that purpose. That just took the wind outa my sails.

  2. Congrats on the grad. My youngest graduated last Saturday. How is your daughter?


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