Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Giant Jack o' Lantern Tutorial

So you say you need to cover your garbage can being used as a safety block.... see the "cobbles behind the can - we don't want them to walk there and trip or sprain an ankle.

Tongue in cheek
Tutorial starts here: Grab some fabric - 3 panels of orange

Sew with a basting sized stitch - so you can retrieve your stash later.
Drape and tape - top is a nut jar covered in a batik - sacrilege! 
It still needs something...

Bits of black paper taped on from behind....

You'd never know it was a garbage can, would you?

So we are almost ready for the Trick or Treaters... Hope you have a fun evening with a bunch of delighted kids and CANDY!



  1. Wow! That's a great pumpkin, Terri!
    You have a big night in front of you, girl!

  2. Ooo great idea! I hope you had a lot of fun Terri. The bin looks great.


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