Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tip A Day on Paper Piecing....

Good thing we picked the shortest month of the year to do this Harry Potter Paper Piecing thing. I sat down to sew, and have written up a bunch of tips, but they aren't in a good order yet. I've got 18 tips that I've been using through lots of paper piecing quilts. I'll start that feature on Monday. Meanwhile...  Here are another 6 that I've made previously, and you have probably seen before.

And in case you can't see the Gryffindor Sword as good as the others, I took another picture - see below.  The blade is some shiny silver from Halloween time, and grey with the red stones at the hilt.

I'm back to working on Dobby and trying to make a step by step for you. See you tomorrow.



  1. You are good, Terri! They all look difficult, the blocks so small, lots of pieces. Cool sword. Yep. You are good at this.

    1. I love paper piecing... I sent a few blocks out to Sandy Relief and to Alycia Quilts for the QOV and I was surprised how swishy fabric is when it's not backed by paper... Guess I've been pp so much I forgot the feel of regular piecing. (Once you get the hang of pp, it's really easy, and except for picking the colors, you know what to expect.
      There are other patterns at Jennifer's blogs. There are regular things, too. You could make a princess face from the animated section, and there are other fandoms. The only thing is You Can't sell the items you make - period.

  2. Very neat Terri - I've never tried paper piecing but I would love to...
    Thanks for sharing.



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