Monday, March 18, 2013

80 Palm Blocks Done (see header) and cute bird visitor

I've finally finished all the blocks I'm going to make for this quilt. There may be some rearranging... the last that were made have a different look to them than the first, so I'm going to integrate them into the others. (I used more prints as the stems and it makes for a bubbly look that I like, but don't want them all at the bottom.)

A couple of closeups.

 And now some birdy pics. Last week we discovered this quail in our pecan tree (planted from a nut by my oldest son about 10 years ago).  The California Quail pappa looked around for quite a while... I hope he was considering our yard for his home. They are such cute birds. (He's on the bottom branch of the tree that isn't dead, just hasn't leafed out - and isn't mature enough to make nuts yet. I'm thinking our squirrels are crossing their claws waiting.)

So you can see we are having lots of excitement at our house.  Hope you are having fun with spring coming soon.



  1. Love your palm blocks. Beautiful bird. Our quails are shades of brown, white and gray. Hope he stays.

  2. I love quails too. Haven't seen them in a long time, not that they aren't around here. A few miles down the road is a retirement community. It's the type where everyone drives around in golf carts. (Is that very common and I'm just unaware of it?) They have lots of quail there and even have street signs posted to tell people to slow down because of quail crossings.

  3. Your palm blocks are going to make one beautiful quilt !

  4. Yea! All the blocks are DONE! No 'holes' in your header any more! About Spring, tomorrow may be the first day of it, but, someone forgot to tell our weather that. High tomorrow of 26 degrees, and below normal temps for the rest of the month. Brrr! (PS: we had snow flurries most of yesterday)

  5. Oooooolala! Those palms are going to make one gorgeous quilt.

    Haven't seen quail since we lived in Florida in the olden days.

  6. Hi Terri--I am new to your blog--I love your palms--they are so pretty. Orangevale is the perfect Town for RSC13 this year!! Julierose

  7. Very lovely, I like the look of this quilt, I like how some of the stems are lighter, nice variation.

  8. Wow love the palms. 80 is lots too. Your Quail is cute. We had 13 deer bound though the yard and snow tonight.

  9. Love your palm blocks. What a gorgeous quilt this will make!

  10. Good to see the Californian Quail as have not seen one before. Been busy with your quilting - very artistic.


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