Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One Name on My List - Exciting News, and an H2H flimsy, I'm cheating

So last post I suggested a swap.... Valerie Reynolds commented that she'd like to participate.  Well, Val, I guess you and I will swap springy colors. I'll send you  3 - 10" squares, and  you do the same. We'll have a bit of stash exchange; something to take the edge off of winter, some happy snail mail. Thanks for joining in. I really appreciate it.

In other news, our company has moved on to Las Vegas, NV. We had a great time with them! (Bill's brother and his life partner)  Love you guys! We took them up to Lake Tahoe and had a bit of a snowball fight along the way. Snow at 6500 ft. - about 50 degrees.

 In the biggest news.... My Oldest Grandgirl is Engaged!  They haven't worked out a date yet, but they are thinking June - OMG!  How's a granny supposed to get a special quilt together that fast?  I made this sketch - I'm thinking low density colors except for the center. What do you think? It might be too incongruous for the center to be red and everything else low impact.  Any  ideas?  I want it to be special, but easy.  She's the first grand to marry.

And now some floral views

Seems awfully early for my pear to be blooming... daffodils in the background haven't a single bud, strange.

Somehow, I've got this out of sequence... Talking again about the Grandgirl's wedding quilt: I have some UFO's, but those are earmarked for Hands to Help Charity Challenge... (See the button in the side bar.)  I finished this flimsy last night. It was already cut and partly assembled. (It had to come off of the design wall for the grandson's quilt... the one currently on the top of the blog.)  I inserted some paper pieced lady bugs  and a saw tooth piece or two. (The pink behind is a piece of thank you fabric from Val. I need to get that washed up. It isn't part of this quilt.)

So to summarize:  Help! and sending you some Springtime, Val.

Hubby's birthday tomorrow... off to Red Robin for his free burger.
Happy Hump Day!


  1. Love the ladybugs in the quilt. They are fun! Congrats on your granddaughters engagement. How about some medium volumes mixed thru, instead of just low volume? More contrast, and the center wouldn't be so stark that way.

  2. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing your special quilt come together. I have a grandson getting married in June, too. I need to start thinking of a special quilt, too.
    I remember this quilt. Love the ladybugs. Think I'll make another I SPY strip quilt for H2H this year. Strip quilts are fun to make :D

  3. Okay...first, I love those ladybugs! Secondly, we're great at happy mail! So glad to send some springtime your way. Email me and let me know if you also do EPP hexagons. :)V

  4. Congratulations on the fabulous family news. Im sure whatever kind of quilt you make Terri - it will be loved and treasured!

  5. Congratulations on your granddaughter's engagement! I am in awe of you designing a quilt! I like the idea and can't wait to see it. You know that my son gave us a 6-week engagement. They were married almost 2 years ago and I'm just finishing up their quilt. I have excuses, really!

  6. busy lady. wonderful that you managed to fit the H2H quilt top done. you go girl.

  7. Your H2H quilt is so beautiful - I love the addition of the paper-pieced bits too, which makes it uniquely yours! Thanks so much for your participation and continued support of the Challenge, Terri!


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