Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lumber Jacks - Me and Him

Lumber jacks have nothing on us oldies. He is 71 and I'll be 66 in a few weeks and we sawed down our dead avocados yesterday.  It's kind of heart breaking. I started those two from pits. One was 16 and the other probably 12 or 13. Just had to do it though. They froze badly early this winter.  Here are the pictures of the poor things.


He pulled with a rope, and I cut with our little electric chain saw.  (All those brown leaves are from being frozen. There were some green leaves, but trying to sell the house, these brown trees wouldn't be helping.) Did you notice that we missed the little rose and a new oak growing next to the trunk. We got the avocados to go right where we wanted them to go. No broken fence, no destruction of their house or ours. We figure we saved a thousand or so.
Afterwards I went back to this:
Sew and cut - not in that order.


  1. I like your new sgrippy blocks a lot, Terri. Separately they look different--but together they really mesh nicely! I HAVE to get back to my strippy quilts! Am caught betwixt and between: scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting and quilting!! they won't all fit into my room--never mind my life!! Hard to decide what I want to do. Maybe 4 seasons, one for each?? We'll see--right now--crocheting and quilting and some scrapping on my table--what a messy place!! Hugs, Julierose

  2. So sad those trees had to go. Good you were able to cut them yourselves. I'm sure it saved a LOT of money. The wedding quilt is coming along beautifully.

  3. How sad that you lost those lovely trees (and all the future avocados) You guys are my heroes. I would have called someone in to do that job for me !

  4. It is sad that these trees that you have nurtured were so damaged from the weather. Over the past couple years we have lost a cherry tree and a few plum trees and I wasn't very happy about it either. Good for you for tackling the removal job yourselves! I was glad that we had our sons to help us remove our dead trees.

  5. Always sad when you lose trees. Glad you got them down without any more problems.

  6. Nice looking quilt in progress

  7. It's heart breaking when you loose a plant or tree. We've lost several this winter because of the wet. And boy was it wet in the uk!

  8. That is too bad that you lost the trees but great that you both could handle the job! Great blocks!


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