Saturday, April 26, 2014

New purple blocks and Lupine

We've been gone for a while... to Boise Idaho, of all places. We looked for a new home, but didn't find one. Scary business.

And while we were gone I changed my mind \again/ about the quilt I'm making for my granddaughter's wedding present. The one I'd worked on was too dark. Here's the dark one.

This one will have more colors, already there are red, orange, blue and green blocks made, but since it is still April I'm only showing the purple ones for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
Now the pictures of Lupine growing wild in Folsom CA.
 in an open space in the (light) Industrial Park.

Isn't it gorgeous.
Happy Weekend!


  1. Rode through Idaho about 4 or 5 years ago and thought it was beautiful.
    Though you think the quilt you were working on is dark, I think it's happy, vibrant, and gorgeous. However ... I know some people prefer lighter quilts, quilting cottons instead of batiks. The new quilt you have started is going to be full of light and beautiful, I'm sure.

  2. Those are interesting purple and white blocks. I'm trying to imagine how they are going together with the other colours. It'll be fun for the rest of us to see how you take this idea further.
    Incidentally, I like your first quilt too, but you know your granddaughter's tastes, so your decision will be right.

  3. I also really liked the first quilt too. I hope that you will continue with it because it does deserve to be finished. I am looking forward to following along with this second quilt.

    The flowers are very pretty!

    1. I adore lupin! It always signals that spring is here! Lucky you to have bunches around. There are not very many here. Boo. I'm looking forward to seeing your new quilt come together. I still like the old one, but I know how much you want a wedding quilt to be "just so".

  4. Hey grandma, so is the second picture the new quilt? I think they are both awesome :) Love your blog! My favorite color is still purple :) Green is pretty, but not as much my favorite as when I was a kiddo. But I adore purple!!! And I love your quilts. I still have the purple and green quilt you made for me a long time ago :) Love you gramma

  5. Our wedding colors are yellow, grey and white by the way :) I am really excited about it. We are sending out the invites super super late this week, but we had to change our venue so we had to redo most of the invitations. Can't wait to see you guys <3

  6. The new quilt looks lovely, but I also like the stronger one. Lupines grow here by the roadsides and escaping from gardens. I think they look lovely while in bloom, but they also take space from our domestic wild flowers.


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