Saturday, May 3, 2014

May is Green!

Isn't it though.... Here all the trees are leafed out and the flowers are up and showing off. Love this time of year.

It's also green month over at Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Go on over there if you'd like to see what others are doing with their green scraps.  Here's what I'm doing with mine. (Those are random triangle shapes attached to various white on white 5" squares.)  (At the top of the picture is the light switch! Lol)

These are blocks in the granddaughter wedding quilt. I've arranged them like they were a flock of flying birds.

It'll be very symbolic, I think.
More purple than before, and I have more that are waiting to be hung on the design wall.
Earlier in the week, Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict asked what was our all time favorite fabric... well I found some!  This is the yellow rose print I love.  This may be the last of it, too. These 3 little pieces will be birds in the 1st granddaughter's wedding quilt.

 Aaaaaand I got some fabric in the mail this week. Thanks Sis! (There is a solid dark purple missing from the picture... got sewn up already!) These will work into ARB's wedding quilt soon.
Sew that's it for today. Have a very green month! (Recycle, too. Ha, ha, ha!)


  1. Looks like a fun quilt design. Enjoy the process.

  2. Spots of colour, er, triangles of colour on a snowy background. Should be a fun quilt!

  3. Oooh Im looking forward to seeing the wedding quilt again with the flying birds on it!

  4. They do look like birds in flight--love it! this morning on our walk we saw a huge VEE of geese flying over the bay--love that sight...hugs, Julierose

  5. Yes. I see flying birds. This is going light, bright lovely quilt.
    We have lots of green leaves, flowers. A perfect month to play with green scraps : )

  6. Okay, I got caught up in viewing your posts!! Always inspiring Teri. Sad about the avocados. We went to CA on a job offer to look at houses and one of them had avocados growing in the back yard... almost made the sale for me! We couldn't afford to move to CA however.
    Love the little white squares with color inserts. Makes me want to sew on this stormy rainy day.
    Not Afraid of Color!


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