Thursday, July 17, 2014

In Carrot Mode

This is what Carrot Mode looks like...
Orange fabrics everywhere.

 What's on your sewing machine today?

I did say everywhere.


  1. Gosh, Terri--you have so many projects going!! I am tying Sea glass (after badly machine quilting the sashings0 and finished up Pansies hexagon table runner and finished tying Wonder Women--finally!! it has been yelling at me from its closet hanger!! i am anxious to begin my 9-patch George W. quilt (see "Fun with Barb"--just have to try my hand at this one...hugs, Julierose

  2. My sewing room looks like a bomb hit it this week - Im currently working through my mystery bright scrap project and I had piles of organised mess everywhere . Sadly my cleaner came yesterday and tidied it all up and now I have no idea where anything is - so first order of business today is messing everything into organised piles again! Then onto some more mystery sewing!

    Loving those orange fabrics!

  3. You have some great oranges there Terri!

  4. lol whenever I pp or string pieceI have a mess and never seem to use them up, they grow.

  5. carrots are on their way....looking cute already! Love that bundle of mail you got yesterday!! I'd sit and fondle it too!!!

  6. What's up Doc? Sorry, couldn't resist! You know, eating (and sewing) carrots improve your vision. So get rid of those glasses! Hey, what's is that cutie-pie machine you're sewing on!

  7. Oh my. Love those orange scraps : )

  8. LOL wonderful grated carrots you have there. :-)

    My mind went blank about what is on my sewing machine... I finished a couple of bags yesterday and sewed together the next background for Pumpkinville this afternoon. Mostly I've been stood hunched over the light box with an aching back preparing a couple of new long term projects. I'm now feeling sadistic so will make a burning chilli. Mwa ha ha ha. (Evil laughter.)

  9. Messy sewing room means a creative mind is at work. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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