Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Design Walls Monday

I'm missing my design wall... had to come down to sell the house. So I'm using a couple of panels of foam core board for the interim. Today I'm working on two quilts... who isn't.

Remember these? Two, count them - 2 gallon bags full of strips from my pal, Val. We swapped fabric a while back. I sent her some uncut I Spy fabrics and she sent me strips! So while we are packing I'm making....
some strip blocks. I got my hubby to cut me some 8.5" squares of paper - first I had to teach him how, but he does love to do homework for me on the quilts. Next I'm going to get him to cut off the excess fabric. (Tried this last night... Ouch! He cut off a corner. At least it was an easy fix. Some men are just not atuned to sewing. I was wise to prevent him from cutting out the Drunkard's Path pieces. They are cut on the line but not on the curves - and tracing they need seam allowances on the curves to be cut 1/4" away from the line... Oh well, we'll keep the homework simple for him so he feels like he's helping... afterall, his name goes on the quilt, so he should help.)
I'm just putting lights and darks next to each other. (Most blocks are going to be monochromatic.)

I have these done, so far. I'm thinking it will be called "You and Me" and if I can get it done in time I'll use it for a donation to H2H - Sarah Craig's Charity... see the side panel.
Below is a close up.

Oops - I've a basting thread showing....

Now for the other quilt... the next Grandgirl Wedding quilt will be made of these Drunkard Path blocks but set in the Love Ring variation.

These are the most recent.
Haven't got enough made yet to finish one block of Love Ring ... but I love it already. Don't you?

Here are more settings of Drunkard's Path - one shows the Love Ring.

Out my window...
you might not see the lovely group of orange butterflies in my yard... centered above the Passionflower Vine on my fence. It grows from my neighbor's yard into mine. I think these butterflies rode in on those plants - they are very like a Julia butterfly, which only rows in Florida and Texas. I can't show you the picture in the book, it's packed - who knows where. We have maybe a dozen. I'm sure they helped us sell this place. My buyer is getting the best deal, buying my house... which after signing this morning, belongs to her now. (Sniff) We are renting for free until the truck comes on the 4th of November. (Crying)
I have to go now - take more pictures. I have to figure out how to have butterflies at my new house.
Have a lovely week.


  1. Your Drunkard's Path blocks look great!

  2. I love the drunkard's path layout to much, I can't wait to see more of it!

  3. I love, love, LOVE string blocks! You make me want to make one.
    I imagine butterflies will find you where ever you go, Terri.

  4. Love those string blocks Terri and the DP blocks are coming along nicely too.

  5. This is beautiful! Going to be a great-looking Love Ring quilt. I like the string blocks too. You're getting a lot done even though everything is packed!

  6. That is going to be a fabulous Love Ring quilt!

  7. The Love Ring is looking gorgeous! I really like those reds and purples together. How big will this quilt be?

  8. The Love Ring is going to be wonderful. Hope your move goes smoothly and may you have butterflies and other pretties at your new home!

  9. Great progress Terri. The Love Ring quilt is looking fab. You are going to have one very happy grand daughter. Congratulations on selling for sure. I know it will be a painful parting but it frees you for your next adventure. Lovely strip work too. Does this mean you are a stripper? lol

  10. I am quite impressed that you can sew and move at the same time ! Love yourblocks - the string ones are fun!

  11. Love Ring is looking good. I like that setting.
    What a nice DH to help with the strings!

  12. What great projects you have going on! I'm impressed that you are doing this while preparing for a move.

  13. Last Day. Breathe! I'll be thinking about you the next few days.

  14. The Love Ring: Love it! I like your string blocks too!

  15. Well I know the move went Ok as I am working backwards. Peace and Blessings in your new home. Often wondered what you do with all the quilts you make - do you sell them?

  16. Ho fun and you made me smile. How does time go by so seeing my ol fabrics in your blocks. :) :)

  17. Love the colors used for your DP blocks. Have to take a peek forward to see how they progressed...


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