Friday, December 26, 2014

It's not a finish...

I know it's Friday, but I don't have a finish...
I've worked haphazardly on my Drunkard's Path...  we moved 600 miles during the QAL with Vicki Welch. Some of my blocks are missing... I haven't discovered them in their hiding place(s) yet. And there are some already cut and ready to pin and then sew... The scary thing is I've put the templates somewhere and can't find them either. (Good thing my Grandgirl is planning to wait to be married until after they have graduated college. The Love Ring setting of these blocks is to be her wedding quilt gift.) Sew I don't have a finish to link up to Vicky's end of the QAL, but I'll link what I have to show and hope for the best. Here's what I have to show...

Update: Hurray!!! I found the blocks that were missing and the templates... had to weed through a few boxes to find them.  So here they are:

I've got one motif set, and the outer (red and purple) blocks that will continue in the pattern, but be like a border at the end of setting a few motifs together.  So there will be at least 6 motifs - if that works out to be a good size. Ooops! I see a mistook. I've got 2 reds together. Easily fixed now since nothing here is sewn together beyond the 2 piece blocks.
In this picture you can see on the lower right more blocks... Just not enough design wall to accommodate them all. It's a small room and my design wall space keeps getting smaller and smaller as I empty boxes.
As I was emptying boxes I found my box of teas! I've got some variety now. Yay!  So I'm off to brew a cuppa. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas or other Holiday. New Years coming up soon. And on the subject of coming up...

Hope springs eternal... can you see the tulips(?) coming up by my front door? There are about 5 stubby starts. They were done blooming and gone before I saw the house last fall. I have no idea what color or even if they are tulips. Something to look forward to. (I know that's bad grammar, but I really don't want to be that formal.)
Hugs to you all,


  1. Your quilt is going to look awesome!

  2. Love these colors! This is going to be glad you are settling in. I remember opening boxes for a couple of months. I promise to never move

  3. Yay! You found the blocks and templates! I lost 3 blocks and I just moved my sewing down the hallway! Hoping I'll find them too. Hope you have fun finishing up the quilt. Happy New Year!

  4. I can see that putting together the Love Ring is as difficult as barn raising log cabin setup. The only way I got mine right was to have my hubby tell me where they went! Hurray for finding the blocks and templates before you got to the last box to unpack!

  5. Well done Terri. Finding anything you are actually looking for when you are going through boxes after moving is a minor miracle. The Drunkard's Path is looking wonderful. That is a very well earned cup of tea!

  6. The wedding ring is going to be such a wonderful wedding gift! Glad you found the blocks and templates. I had a whole quilt lost for almost 10 years and I didn't move anywhere, we added on!!

  7. Yah! You found them! I knew you would : )

  8. I"m glad you found the missing pieces! This will be beautiful when finished.

  9. It always feels so good when you find something that has been missing.

  10. Ooh, nothing worse than when you can't find a project you've been working on. Glad your found them and were able to resume working on them. These really progressed nicely!


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