Monday, June 8, 2015

So I thought I'd stay away...

but I just couldn't. I took some pictures I want to share with you, and then I'm going to go mess up my sewing room again. LOL

Us in the airport at MSP (Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota). A nice young couple wanted their picture taken here, so we took theirs and they took ours. We had to bend waaaay down to fit our faces. I guess it was only for kids, but we are kids, just antique kids.

This is our new house. 3 bedrooms 3 baths - one on each floor (perfect for an old lady). 1650 square feet of rooms plus a full basement and 2 car garage.

And last week this was the state of my orchids. A whole bunch more bloomed. Whatever I'm doing, they like it. (That's not just a oatmeal box there in the front, that's my granddaughter's invention, a 'Hersey' - her 3 or 4 year old pronunciation of horsey. It's a plastic golf club for the stick. I can still see her galloping through the house using that.... she's 19 next month. Aren't you glad I didn't mention your name, Rachael?  It's one of my bestest memories, and one of my best sentimental possessions. (It'll be there in my house until I'm gone.)

Without the very excellent memories.

Here is what the sewing room looks like now. Still more packing to do. I have a project set out to work on, but I'll have to be careful not to make a big mess. I don't want to clean anymore.
(Ashleigh, you need to come over and help make this quilt quick before I move away.)


This is the prize I made up for the H2H. It was going to be 8 different 1/8th pieces, but I couldn't cut that small... really, can anyone use that little a bit of fabric. So I cut fat quarters (somewhat loosely), and made sure that there was a designer name on it, if I had it.
  It was won by Jocelyn Pleus.  Just waiting for her to send me her snail mail address.
 Sew have a wonderful week,


  1. Beautiful orchids....but that horsey with all the memories is the best! You are so far along with the packing.....and I can tell how excited you are.

  2. Your new house looks adorable! Keep on packing , one box at a time!

  3. I meant to comment the other post to say I love your house! Good luck with the move and setting up a new sewing studio!

  4. Proud of ya for keeping atleast one project out to help keep ya sane during the transition.....looks like you are making fantastic progress though.:)

  5. Beautiful orchids! Love your new home : )
    Cute picture of the smiling Viking couple.

  6. Yea! You'll have a full basement. I love having a bathroom on each floor. I get tired of climbing stairs.

  7. Congratulations on your home! It looks like you are having a lot of fun and creativity!


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