Saturday, October 28, 2017

Last Pink Saturday

I found some string blocks to work on, and added 4 pink ones this week (amongst other monochromatic themed squares) to the collection. (Go to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge to see what others are doing with pink.)

We had SNOW yesterday and quite a lot of it is sticking... see yesterdays post for pictures.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Your string blocks are great! What size are they? I’m working on some, too, but they will carry into 2018 because I need to finish about 8 more. We’re still enjoying Indian Summer (well, temps in the sixties) here in the Salt Lake Valley. Our turn for snow will be coming soon enough!

  2. I'm with Ellen! There's always room for string blocks!

    SNOW???? I'm not ready for it so don't send it south to Iowa too soon.

  3. Beautiful pinks! We too had the first snow this week.

  4. I am not at all ready for snow!

    Your pink blocks look fantastic. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  5. Y'all have snow in Wisconsin already?! That brings back memories of trick-or-treating in Minnesota, mad because I had to wear a winter coat and snow boots over my Halloween costume! :-) Lovely string blocks, and enjoy your favorite holiday tomorrow! Do you get dressed up and go all out with the decorating, or do you just enjoy handing out candy?

  6. Sorry to hear about the snow! Pleased to see the PINK sewing for the RSC!!

  7. sigh....I never got the blue done, and now no pink either. I also am doing string blocks with the scrappy challenge.
    I'm doubting I get to them this year as I am bombarded with things such as Christmas gifts that need to be done before then.

  8. LOVE your pink string blocks!!! Sorry to see all the snow in your last post. Seems toooooo soon for winter.


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