Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Quilts according to Jimmy Fallon

Today as I read the Reader's Digest I came to a small article about the Thank You notes the Jimmy Fallon "writes" on his show.  One of them was "Thank you, quilts, for being blankets made of other tiny blankets."  Have I been doing it wrong?  Lol



  1. That's actually kind of profound, AND funny!

  2. I saw that in the RD too. I thought it was sweet. On a slightly different angle… My Aunt Marie made me a quilt when I was a little girl. It was a flannel winter print that she cut into squares of snowmen and snowflakes. What made this quilt so special was she used an army blanket made of wool between top and the batting. That quilt was always cold when you snuggled up in it but got cozy warm really soon. I afford that quilt. I want to make a quilt like that and I even have wool army blanket waiting to be used.


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