Monday, February 25, 2019

Squirrel quilt progress and one yellow butterfly

I love the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, but I haven't participated with much reliability.  For the month of February I've made one yellow butterfly... today.

I haven't much in the way of yellow scraps.

I've been making these wonky 5" squares in blues, greens and purples - mostly from scraps. I thought I'd set them as stars, but there aren't the right way points,, I made them like these. I do like them all pointing in the same direction.

I still have a bunch to add to the design wall. I'm thinking this will be a H2H quilt.

I'm still waiting for an address to send out the baby quilts.... no charge, but I can't just wish them there.

Hugs to my Sis in Florida.  Thanks for the Hope you provide with the Facebook updates... Today we had a plumber here to snake our sewer that backed up.  Messy business.  At least I can do laundry now.

Hugs to my quilty friends, too.  Thanks for stopping by to read my little blog.


  1. Lovely butterfly--i like the points all going in the same direction--they remind me of little sailboats...
    hugs, Julierose

  2. You are ahead of me. I haven't finished any of my 4 RSC yellow blocks. Maybe I'll finish them on Thursday....

  3. The little "sails" are cute. I'm sure you will find a great way of setting them into a quilt!

  4. Love your yellow butterfly. Reminds me of summer .....
    Your blocks remind me of the sails on sail boats, too.
    Sweet mug rugs and roses in your last post : )
    Hope your drainage issues are repaired. Bummer. Have a good week, dear.


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