Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Snow on May 8th

It really isn't anything new here, but I took pictures to remember the event.  (Shout out to my Sis, who now lives in Florida... We got some and you didn't!)

You can't see it coming down like crazy - camera can't capture the big flakes in the driving wind, maybe you can see it against the tree trunk. It's starting to stick on roofs and grass. I heard snow thunder 3 time so far.
And now some other kind of insanity... I got it to a flimsy and ironed it!  Sharing it belatedly on
Happy Spring - LOL


  1. Love your flimsy--really pretty. SNOW??? In MAY? Hopefully things will warm up soon for you hugs, Julierose

  2. Lovely quilt top, dear. Snow in May! Oh my. Can't plant flowers, cucumbers or tomatoes until that madness leaves. Maybe you will have some spring weather soon. I hope so. Stay warm.

  3. We had snow in May too! Here it remained on the ground and roofs for a day, but in other parts of the country they had up to 6" new snow on top of the old that had not melted yet. Safe planting time for summer flowers and potatoes is 6th of June, old people say.
    The quilt top looks good!

  4. Very pretty flimsy!!! and snow!! i love it!! ( we had some too - it was so great!!)

  5. Thank goodness we haven't had snow in over a week now. Now, if it would stop raining so that the farmers can plant (and we don't float away).


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