Monday, January 10, 2011

Another big reveal...

As promised - My Mess!
Okay, I told you I was not interested in housekeeping.  I do want to keep my house, but only in the financially responsible way. (Its all the trees in the yard that I have started from pits, and my darling tangerine trees... oh, and we can't move anyway.)  So I thought as a penance (having been R. Catholic in my youth) I would bear (or should that be bare) all and show my defiant and nonconformist side...

 This is the approach down the hallway... see the very excellent grandkids gallery of art on the left? On the right are maps of where our #2 son and family are living and a poster of flowers of the Sierra Nevada - mountains east of us. Straight ahead is a door to an even messier room we call the "way back room" cause it is the room farthest in the back.  It's the storage and supposed to be workroom for making cards, etc, with rubber stamps.   There is my design wall on the left with a modified 9 patch on it.  Haven't gotten around to that one in a while.
Here is the view from the doorway of my sewing room.  I feel so lucky to have one.  When we moved into this house 11+ years ago this room had a queen size mattress and box spring in it. That has since been given away, and good thing cause where would it fit now?  You can see a picture of me and my #4 granddaughter on my cutting table (a buy from a local rummage sale - was a drafting table). to the right is an old TV "chest?" that I inherited from a kid who didn't want it anymore... works as a bookcase for quilt books and as fabric storage.  To the right is the industrial shelving we got from a kid's friend who didn't want it anymore.  That price works for me!

The other end of the industrial shelving... you can kind of see some of my orchids (should be spelled  "or kids") the fussy plants.  One of them has bloomed 2 years in a row, but the rest of them - NO.  When it blooms you are sure to see that... I'm always so proud to see any blooms on any of my babies.  Anyway, on with the tour... My boom box on another rummage sale table - this time a computer table that keeps tools, Cd's and the fabric I am currently using... next the ironing board slipped under the arm of my very excellent sewing machine cabinet that I got from my sister, but it had been my Mom's outfit when I was in high school and that makes the machine and cabinet antique.  When I first got it we took it to the fix it shop and had it cleaned and checked out, and it was so impressive to the owner that he gave me a compliment on it... He showed me all the newer machines in his shop and told me they would all be in the landfill before mine...  it is all metal parts and will last and last.  I like old cause I am.

And the last stop on our tour today is a look at the sewing room floor.......
Speaks for itself.  The shopping bags are full of little tiny pieces I thought I might use for that drop and sew down technique, but now I'm thinking I might use them for filling some faux fur pillows.  My maternal grandma made big floor pillows for her great grands, and I am approaching the time when I'll be having some of those.  One grandson is 18.5 already, and the oldest granddaughter is 17+.  I would just as soon they wait, but you know how that is.
Well, I enjoyed this sharing bit.  Anybody else brave enough to show and tell - without cleaning first? Remember I have no dogs, cats or little kids on the premises... when I did, I cleaned like crazy. Nobody is going to be hurt here... unless they aren't wearing shoes in the sewing room... there is a pin hazard. Nobody living here eats off the floor anymore, so I feel safe leaving my  mess.  If I cleaned like there's no tomorrow I'd never have time to sew, blog, draw, make cards or bracelets or do any of the things I love.  Let's face it, I'm getting old and don't want to spend my time cleaning.  You have to prioritize... what's more important. 
It's just lucky that my Mom is not coming.
See you tomorrow! I don't know what I'll be up to, but you know what I won't be doing.
XXX and OOO's to you all for stopping by
Let me know what you think... give it to me honestly, I can take it.


  1. Good Lord woman! How do you find anything? :) I am so proud right now. And amazed by the amount of stuff I see in those pictures. Maybe I won't buy you craft stuff for your birthday after all. :) And wow, you can leave an IRON sitting around? All your babies must be really old... except for your daughter, who I am sure is a fine young thing. :) Love you.

  2. I don't leave it turned on... well I do, because it's dial has broken off, so it is permanently set on Cotton, and I turn it on and off from an electric strip on the floor along with the floor lamp and the sewing machine. I thought it rather nifty myself... saved the buying of a new iron. I hate buying stuff I already have. As you can see I use my coupons from JoAnn's and Michael's almost every week to get something for nearly half price. I have no trouble finding anything... I am quite organized. Just messy. Thanks for the comment. I love you too.

  3. It looks different in person! Also, I would like to point out that we have a FANTASTIC faux fur pillow from you that sits in the living room. :) XOXO

  4. Oh no I am not that looks cleaner than mine ...really!
    I have a big space too....12 x 24' is a mess and yet I seem to be able to work in there everyday!
    I hope the cleaning fairy comes soon or at least some inspiration to organize and clean!

    thanks for stopping by my blog......
    nice to meet you :0)

    Happy sewing, and what do they say......a clean desk is the sign of idle hands?

  5. ROFLOL I feel soooooo much better about my 'stewdio' now---you know the old adage "misery loves company", well, I don't like 'house cleaning' either...seems such a waste of time to me, and there's hardly room to turn around in my 'stewdio'. LOL Now, I won't post a picture of it again, but if you're curious enough, you can page back through my blog and find a picture of it. Trust me it was quite a long time ago, and it is MUCH FULLER NOW. ROFL

  6. I felt at home as soon as I saw the pictures! And of course you can find your stuff, because it stays untouched and will be in that layer where it always was. I try to keep the living area rather clear, but I have my sewing corner hidden behind piles of fabric upstairs. Very comforting to see your place.

  7. Yes I will be honest Theresa, you did ask!!

    Looks like you are someone who does have many indoor hobbies and I am sure you know where everything is but for myself, I cannot work unless I am organised. What I feel is that everyone should be free to be themselves and do it their way. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog and glad you like it.


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