Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jean's the winner!

Just noticed a new comment on the Make a Boob site, and it is Jean from Jean's Page.  Thanks for leaving Mrs. Moen a happy comment.  I hope you will make her some boobs, too, but in either case you are the winner of the afore mentioned quilting books, and as soon as I can get your address they will be posted to you.  I hope you like them, and make some awesome quilts from them.  If you have run out of relatives and friends to give your quilts to I have found it very satisfying to give them to Project Linus.  There are chapters of this charity all over - just Google it to find one near you.
Thank you, Jean, for being a follower and participating.  You made my day brighter!
Love to Jean and all my followers!

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  1. Love the updates and all of the followers!! Very exciting to see all te boobs. Have you gotten a total for them all up yet? I keep seeing them coming and I can only imagine how many you have made!:)


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