Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tiny Tutorial and WIP

Welcome Friends,
I have an I Spy top done today, and a tiny tutorial... It is probably something you all do already, but maybe some of the newbie quilters could use this tip. First - since Blogger loaded in the wrong order - here is the WIP (work in progress) top that is done, but needs batting, backing, quilting and binding yet. I thought it was going to Australia, (Oz Comfort Quilts) but she requires a wool batting, and I can't afford that, so it'll be a Project Linus quilt when it's finished. Notice that some blocks are tipped, and others are not. I'm using blocks left over from a quilt I'm still working on for a possible new grandbaby - whenever. (I want a few quilts ahead... you never know when you need a gift.)  I thought I could tip the newer squares, but there isn't enough fabric for that.  Anyway, I kind of like it as is  -  just a bit unpredictable.  I have to work into that wonky stuff.

Here's the tip. Once I have the blocks on my design board  arranged the way I like them I sew them into rows. To make sure I get the same placement I pin,  right sides together while at the design board by turning the left side onto the next one to the right.  I pin the whole row and take it to the machine.  Pictures below.

Once I'm at the sewing machine I pin into place... top to top and align the side.  Then I sew and go on to the next square. Then I press all the seams in one direction, usually, but this time I pressed the seams open because there is lots of fabric at the seam edges on this pattern.  Then I pin that row back onto the design board, in it's place, and start over again with another row. Keeps me organized.

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  1. very cute quilt. Can't go wrong with an I Spy. I love how the blocks look wonky. Someone will love it.

  2. it is coming along nicely!

  3. LIKE your cute wonky I SPY quilt. Great squares. Good job! Linus Project will find a child that will cherish your quilt.
    I didn't know Jan wants wool batting only. She is an angel to devote her life to making items to comfort those in need. I always use thin cotton batting like White and Natural or Warm and Natural.
    Thanks for the tutorial :)

  4. Oh that looks great Terri! A child is going to love it whatever country it goes to. I can't get hold of wool batting easily here so I have warm and natural. It does the job and wears well in the washing machine.

  5. A totally happy and fun quilt. Project Linus will love it. Anyone would!


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