Monday, August 13, 2012

We're off...

but you knew that!
We're going to South Lake Tahoe for a few days of a different view, and for our anniversary last week. Plants all watered, windows and doors all locked. But I wanted to show you the lovely jelly roll I got as winnings in the Tetris Challenge - see the side bar for a link. It arrived on Saturday. It's by Moda.

There are three or four of each strip. I think I'll cut some in half the long wise and make some dolly quilts in the jelly roll race style.
Right now on the sewing machine I've got the I Spy being quilted. New grandson due in 10 days. How you holding up Sarah?

See you when we get back.   Hugs,


  1. Beautiful fabrics - kind of makes me wish for snow.....

  2. Have a wonderful break. Pretty fabrics! I bet you come up with something just right for it.

  3. Grandson due in 6-7 days now! Due date has been officially moved up! :) We are holding up nicely besides this heat....

    I love the holiday jelly roll! Ive been stock piling craft supplies for the holiday season with the hopes that I will get a few of them done. Might just be wishful thinking with the new guy coming along! Enjoy Tahoe! You guys deserve it!! XOXO


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