Friday, August 10, 2012

A Gift from the Houseelf Herself

Hi Friends,

Melanie was celebrating her 100th post a while ago, and sent all her followers a gift... no signing up - you already were. Such a generous lady!   Here's what I got, besides hours of entertainment from her blog.

The candies have all been devoured, the licorice tea drunk, the lavender pouch is beside my bed... supposed to be calming... I did sleep well. The tissues with the designer cover will go in my purse. The cloth is being used as a breakfast table runner. It's a cheery piece. Thank you so much Melanie.

It looks good on the table. That's a new plant I bought cause it'll be something new for the trick or treaters. I'll make a bunch of littler plants off of it.

It's our 44th wedding anniversary today. WOW! I never thought forever would be so long!



  1. congratulations to your wedding anniversary.
    44 that is a number some have still to achive.

    your gifts look lovely what a genorous Lady indeed.


  2. Such lovely gifts. So thoughtful.
    44 years. "I never though forever would be so long." GIRL, you crack me up :D

  3. Your collection for housemade gifts were amazing. I will defiantly use your ideas to Send gifts to my family.

  4. So glad you liked the bits.

    Happy Anniversary! "All the fours 44" as they say in Bingo. I hope you both have a wonderful evening together doing something special.

  5. Looks like it is Melanie but with a new blog. Lovely surprise for you.


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