Monday, June 29, 2015

Not on the Design Wall Monday

It's not, because it's too big! It's finally a flimsy, and after an ironing - pressing, I should say -  it will be sent to my Quilter - Alycia.  There is no way I could wrestle this big boy in my domestic machine. (It'll be about 90 x 108, I haven't cut off the tails yet either. Or made the backing.... 'There's always something' ~ Roseanne Rosannadanna)

Anyway, here's what would be on the Design Wall.

Side 1: The row between the green and orange is a white with red hearts print, and the bottom is a very light blue with white stars.

This is the other side where the bottom row is a light yellow tone on tone. I used some of my very favoritest fabrics, like that red tone on tone that has butterflies on it, and the blue batik above it.
Do you recognize my Hubby as the Quilt Scare Crow?  Isn't he handsome? LOL  This is the way I love him best... draped in a quilt. (He'll like that.)
I like how it turned out. Let's see if I like it after a trim.
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Have a Sew wonderful week.


  1. Looking good... the quilt and your hubby... LOL!

  2. Lovely flimsy Terri...cant wait to see the quilter weave her magic!

  3. You got that one done quickly. Woohoo! You still have 2 weeks before you move, I wonder what else you will whip up. You are sure to get some inspiration at Sisters.

  4. What a neat quilt! Love the wave-y look of it...hugs,Julierose

  5. isnt' it fun when something gets too big for the design wall? Especially something that pretty. Can't wait to see it quilted.

  6. It looks great! I can't wait to see it when you get it back from your machine quilter!

  7. A very dramatic quilt! I love it. And it's so big. Looking forward to seeing it when it's back from your quilter.

  8. Oh I like this! A bit fun and silly isn't it? :)

  9. Congratulations on your finished flimsy! And good luck with your upcoming move!


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