Thursday, June 25, 2015

What? I'm working?

I was inspired to make this quilt - my inspiration from Cynthia -  It's been quite easy, but I've been stupid a couple of times. Like today I had to fix a navy piece added to the wrong end... Really? What is wrong with me?

I like how it's turning out. It's for my son in laws wedding. He won't see it here. I'm sure he doesn't read my blog. (AND I'M COUNTING ON HIS PEEPS TO KEEP HIM IN THE DARK!) My married pregnant granddaughter - you know who that is - has been soooooo sick that she isn't helping. I was looking forward to her being here, but we can't always have what we want. I just hope she feels better soon. She helped pick out the fabrics, so I'll put her name on the label as an apprentice.
Otherwise there's lots of papers to sign and fax and things to look for that the banker wants. OMG The packing is in limbo because everything we don't need right now is packed. Just need to pack out the kitchen and bathrooms and the clothes we need to wear on our trip to the new location. Time seems to be standing still. Today we have plumbers fixing a few inconsequential things that the inspector wanted fixed. Couple of other things we need to fix and then we should be done here.

Best news is we will be going to the Sisters Quilt Show in Sisters Oregon on July 11... anybody else going?

That's all the news from here. Keep cool - we have 100s coming up this weekend.



  1. The new quilt is looking great ...I think we've all made mistakes like you describe. Thankfully you caught it before you'd put the quilt top together ( thats happened to me once or twice and Ive had to do a major unpick ..dastardly work I tell you!

  2. I was wondering how you were going to use those strips. Sorry your granddaughter has morning sickness. Mine was mild (thank goodness) both times. Have fun at Sisters.

  3. Sorry Gramma. Wish I could! I can't even drive right now. I'm Posting some new things on my blog today and this week. Love ya! It's looking good :)


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