Saturday, October 14, 2017

Pink Butterfly

Not much done... working on a second.

I also made the second (more colorful) leaf.  Our leaves are turning now.  So now I'm inspired.  No new geese. Don't know if I'll make any pink geese. (This was a test... Did you see 5 strips of pink geese on the blog last week?  I've already put them in the box with the other finished colors. LOL)  This butterfly isn't realistic either, but I love the fabric - iridescent... so it reminds me of butterfly wings.

Happy (Pink) Saturday (linking to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge ). 


  1. That's a lovely butterfly that will feel quite at home in the autumn leaves.

  2. Oh I like the iridescent butterfly--like fairy wings that my grandgirls love...;))) hugs Julierose

  3. Pink is a great choice for October, we are wearing pink ribbons right now all over the world. Your autumn leaves are beautiful. Here the trees are almost naked already, the colours didn't last very long.

  4. She's a very pretty butterfly. You're all up in the air with your butterflies and geese!


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