Thursday, October 4, 2018

Extendable Ear Finished

Phew!  That was a hard one.  (Pattern from Fandom In Stitches/Harry Potter)
You can't tell from the front, but there are lots of minute pieces.  I like my choice of background.  Isn't that the quintessential wallpaper in the Black family home? 

So now that the Ear is finished I'm going to paper piece a water lily  from a new booklet my Sister brought me this week.  All kinds of flowers.  It'll be fun to work with some bright colors.

And we had guests from England this week. So nice to see Stephan and Allan again.  Allan is my hubby's brother. 

We had a grand time with them. 

We might get snow tomorrow!  I'm like a kid- I like snow.

So that is the news from here.   Have  a wonderful weekend where you are.



  1. Beautiful Ear finish--I am impressed...I like snow, too--just so long as i don't have to drive in it hugs, julierose

  2. Great ear. Snow????? You can have it. I don't want to see any till at least the week before Christmas.

  3. You really chose the right shades of fabric to make the ear look perfect! Those tiny bits would make me grazy but you are a master paper-piecer. We had freezing temperatures again this morning but the rain that came was water. I hate slippery roads but welcome snow to make the late Autumn's darkness lighter to bear.

  4. Ears to you! Had you not explained I wouldn't have gotten the Harry Potter reference.


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