Monday, June 12, 2017

Minnesota Quilters - Quilt Show and Conference


I've been to dozens of Quilt Shows over the years... None like this. To give you a hint - it was located in the Convention Center.  The map took 2 pages - tiny print - of the 8.5 X 11" show booklet (40ages). I was exhausted seeing about 1/2 of the show.  Here are some pictures.

 We looked at lots of quilts before this one - it reminded me that I brought my camera so I could share with you. Close up below.

 My photo does NOT do this justice. It is amazing. I'll bet it includes every technique you know. There are crystals and very close quilting.(The feathers are quilted with feathers. Each square of fabric is tightly quilted.)  More than amazing. The white glove lady thought it "too much".  You notice 2 ribbons on the side...

 I really liked this one. Her Mom made the blocks of flowers = sweet peas. She quilted it. See the pea pods? and there is other quilting as well. Thirties and forties fabric makes it quite cheery.
 Had to have a picture of this one below... I like crows. We used to feed and water birds in our front yard in California for years. The crows are quite intelligent, and amazing to watch.
The close up shows an amazing degree of skill at applique - don't you agree?

I took this picture thinking I could mimic it... a wonky triangle or teepee... Mine would be more colorful, you know.

 Below is another picture taken because I thought I could make it... more color needed though.
Another one I loved the colors... I've made a few orange, green and blue quilts in years past.. (To me they are the earth colors of California.)  It's nice to see that someone else likes the combination. This quilt is called Sunrise Sunset. (It got an award, too.)

We got to the show only because of my Sister, Barbara. She lives in Duluth Minnesota, was meeting a friend from the Twin Cities who was coming up to see the show, and called me to let me know it was on! I'd never have known about it otherwise.  Thanks Barb. Love you lots!
So that's my report. Hope you enjoyed the quilts and narrative.
Happy Monday.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Two Geese Strips and 2 Butterflies

Quick post so I can get on my way to the Quilt Show today. I'll share pictures of my favorites on Monday.

The two on the right are the yellow geese I made this week and the two butterflies. The little one is a pattern I've used for years, but the bigger one is not paper pieced. Sewing machine is acting funny, so the big butterfly doesn't lie flat.

Linking up the RSC.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Three Flocks of Yellow Geese

I actually did something this week!

Linking up with the RSC.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Sort of caught up

Yesterday and today I finished the goosey smiles for the red and aqua

closer close up
Now I'm caught up to all the RSC colors except the multi.
I'll be linking up the green geese on Saturday.

Have a great long weekend.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

H2H Prize Donation

Five fat quarters donated to H2H as a prize...  2 of them have interesting salvage edges, the one in the middle is a hand dyed fabric I bought at a quilt show.  Good Luck


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Missing a Color

Finished my fourth Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for this year... I have purple, aqua, red and green. Still missing one. Just remembered the Multicolored month... I only made one strip of geese that month.  Here are the greens I finished this week.

and this green goose smile
Here are all 5 green strips
I'll link up to the  RSC  on Saturday. See you there.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

My H2H 2017

Today would be my only daughter's 44th birthday. She was such a bright penny. A perky girl, you know the kind. I loved her so much. . . but she died of breast cancer in 2013 and I've been like half a person since then.   I usually donate my H2H quilt to Happy Chemo, in honor of her, but this year there is Camp Hobe, and I knew she would want me to donate to kids with cancer.  I made an I Spy quilt in a strip design.  I hope it is fun for one of those kids.

I measured it, and it qualifies as the right size, but I promptly forgot the dimensions.

 Above shows the backing - had to piece it, but that red was just right with the wavy multicolored print.  Yellow print binding. 

Here's the close-up of some of the prints ....

I quilted  straight lines through one side of each strip.

Linking up to the H2H Show today at  Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Sarah is the Heart of Hands 2 Help. Thanks for this challenge, Sarah.

Hugs to you all and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

More Green Geese

We saw a bunch of baby geese today.  These are not them.

Bet you wonder how I get them to hang out sideways from the pins.... they are flying! Magic!
2 more strips to make this week - I can do that.

Linking to the RSC.

Tomorrow I'm showing my H2H donation finished. (It's gone in the mail, but I'll get it up on the blog, somehow - Magic again!) Come on by and see it.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


H2H quilt for Camp Hobe done and off in the mail this afternoon. I feel such relief! I'm such a procrastinator. I did have trouble with the sewing machine on the quilting and binding. (Exasperating.) The thread kept breaking and the stitch length was way off. I have a shaky hand and with my eyes, makes it really hard to rethread so often. One time I got to sew for less than 2 inches! I didn't really like the fabrics I chose at first, but after I put in a few plainer color on color prints, it looked better to me.
I'll show it off on Sunday at Confessions of a Fabric Addict .
So now I'm rewarding myself with some RSC green and making another strip of geese.

I picked out a dark to light grade this time.
Have a great spring day... we are currently continuing the enlargement of Lake Superior.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Flimsy for H2H Done

I've got the flimsy done, have 2 pieces of batting to put together, and the backing to make. Then I'll quilt "in the ditch" as closely as I can. Should be done this week.

Flimsy: (Being a bit evasive (secretive) and showing it from the back and only half - laying on the ironing board folded in half.)

Batting progress:
Using big hand stitches to just but the ends together. I don't want any bulk there.

Backing started: Center panel of the backing. It will have red sides added to make it fit the front.

Back to work!

Linking up to the H2H  progress link up at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Come on by and see who is there.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Not much going on

Since I posted last I've worked on the H2H quilt and I did make a set of green geese... before the announced new color!  Here it is.

I wasn't so proud of it... one of the geese is not ironed right, I didn't notice until I was done. Oh well. I can always make more. Tried to make a yellow one, too, but it's really hard to grade the shades of such a light color.

For those interested, my eyes are getting better. The degree of double sight is diminishing, I can concentrate and get a single image with both eyes open - if it's a simple object I'm looking at.   Things are looking up!

See you over at Rainbow Scrap Challenge today .

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter and H2H Check In

I don't have any lilies for Easter, but I do have an orchid blooming.

Hope you are having a wonderful Easter. It's sunny and 55 here, but the wind is blowing, so we have a wind chill. Still, happy for a sunny day!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

My First Set of Multicolored Geese

It's that time of day when I can't tell if this is a fuzzy picture, or is it my eyes.  I'll take another picture for Saturday the 8th.
I used 2 fabrics here that have the same group of colors. I like it, but it wasn't easy to get out of my stash. Multi is going to be a real challenge, at least for geese.

Again, have a great weekend.  We are getting some days of sunshine!


Changed my Mind - Again

I've abandoned the scalding colors of the star quilt I was making for H2H. It just didn't set right with me mind, not right for a kid at camp. Then I thought of using my butterflies.... would be great, but it's mostly white and there aren't enough of them. I've decided on a string quilt with a central block of paper piecing - if it turns out nice. The block is a free pattern from Janeen over at Quilt Art Design. This month (only April) she has an Intermediate pattern for a darling little fawn that I just couldn't pass up. Go ahead - give it a look. You won't be able to resist.

Some cutting was done for the string parts, that should work for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge as well as the H2H offering. There are pictures!

 Already cut strips (above) and (below) is the stack of other I Spy favorites I plan to use.
More kid friendly...and not all white.
Went to see the eye doctor. He said my double vision is from a nerve stripping, a result of Diabetes.  Should be done in a couple of months... (Sciatica took almost a year, so we shall see.) The eyes see fine on their own, but together I see like a drunk! Everything is double. It could be worse though. While we waited the doctor took a call cause he was on call. The 94 year old lady's eye blew up! (She needs it removed.) I'm a lucky girl.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A" Squirrel" Project...Cousin Potholders

I got sidetracked from the H2H quilt to make a couple of potholders for 2 of my husband's cousins who are traveling to meet up with us at a local restaurant for a little visit.

Here are the pictures.

I used the Jonquil pattern from the 365 Paper Piecing Patterns. As you can see I own old fabrics, the background  is Fossil Fern. It seemed the most appropriate. I like the Springy look.

I didn't do a very good job on the sewing, kind of our of practice, and I'm not seeing so good lately. Suddenly I had double vision, and it's a problem for my doctor. Had an MRI still no diagnosis. It may correct itself says the doctor. Anyone else have that happen to them?
So off to Bridgeman's to meet up with the family.
Hope you are having springtime where you live.

Friday, March 3, 2017

March: The Red Month

As you know I jumped the gun and sewed ahead.  The five red geese are finished for March, and I made one red butterfly and a red leaf, too.

Next pictures are of the star blocks for the H2H charity quilt made with the "found" bundle of 5" squares that I made years ago for another Jazzy Snowball Quilt like the one I donated in 2013 (seen below).

The last two aren't pressed yet.  I've got another 2 in the works, and that will be the main focus of sewing here until that quilt is done.

Thanks for stopping. Go over to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge on Saturday and see what others have made red.

Have a great weekend!